(Kiss me, Love me, Kiss me, Hug me) 
XOXO is about wanting to be loved and cherished by your other half. The euphoria of the sensation you feel when you are with someone you genuinely are attracted to. It is a deep inner expression of things normally not spoken about but thought within ones mind while caught up in the moment. 

R3D Album by FancyJ London


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My Life is My Life 

 My life is My life is about standing up for yourself against those who judge you. I chose to cowrite this song with rapper Kyngsolo. To send a message to everyone that you should be unjustifiably, undeniably, unapologetically, YOU! 

Click on the link below in RED to hear this song. 


R3D Album by FancyJ London


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Lyrical Bliss Intro. 

Hello fellow bloggers and friendly readers, 

I want to first thank you for stopping by for a quick look at my new blog. I own quite a few wordpress blogs, such as fancysfullspectrum, superbeingmanipulated, and beautyofsurvival, but Lyrical Bliss is going to be my new gem…Why? 

This blog will feature lyrics from my released albums, singles, and EP’s, with a detailed explanation behind each song with what inspired me to write them. 

I would love your review on what you read, listened to, and your thoughts on the cover art for each song. I hope you enjoy your time here on Lyrical Bliss and return soon to see my very first post! 🌹

R3d Album *Released November, 9 2016 

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